3-D free viewing workout


This is another iPhone maps stereo … I can’t resist now … because I discovered it’s not just London that has this great 3-D rendering now.

This stereo makes a nice practice area for anyone who thinks they CAN’T free-view. Start gently looking the white top of the building in the small version at the top. Let your eyes relax – look ‘through’ the computer screen, and notice that you see double … and instead of 2 images side by side, ‘struth – there are 4, swimming about on top of each other. Keeping the head level, move backwards and forwards a bit – and try looking into the distance over the top of the screen now and again to see how it feels to relax your eye convergence. Suddenly you will notice the images of the top of the building! That’s the magic moment. Pause! You will notice that you can now see THREE images, the centre one of which is in 3-D. It might be a little out of focus at first, but gently concentrate on focussing, and it will all become clear. A 3-D epiphany!!

Once you’ve mastered the technique with the smallest pair, work your way down until you can comfortably fuse the big one in glorious stereoscopic splendour. You’ll be glad you persevered !!

Tower 3 views

And … anybody like to tell me where this tower is I’ll send a brand new Mark 2 OWL stereoscope to the first correct answer! (Yes, thanks, I DO know where it is !!! ha ha.)

Second Question (tie breaker) is … who invented 3-D pictures??

Bri !!


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