Stereo star fields – Metsavainio rocks


Brilliant, Claudia. So brilliant that I’m going to recommend that everybody vitiating Bri’s Soapbox do the same! Visit AstroAnarchy!

Stereo Star Field

I have corresponded with Mr Metsavinio – he’s very good at this … converting mono star field photographs into stereos.

And there is a lot of speculative truth in what he ends up with … he’s guessing, but his guesses are very informed and mostly spot-on, I think. It’s really an education into what these wonderful objects might really look like if we had eyes a few light years apart. You can see the structures, which are usually not at all obvious without the miracle of 3-D. Recommended !!



Dearest Dr Bri,

I thought it was time for a stereo treat of some kind, possibly far from this world….. and found a perfect one ! Well… I’ve been here before ( …and You too of course ! )… but never thought to turn off the light, click the ‘slide show’ button top right, set my eyes to parallel free-viewing… and let these amazing images dance in front of my eyes… in glorious 3-D !!!!!!!!

An obvious thing to do I guess… simply never came to my mind before…… absolutely Loved it !!!!! … Unfortunately one has to come back…. So Glad You and Kerry are planning new Musical challenges…. can’t wait to know the details…. !

Much Love,