The badger massacre is going to happen


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Many thanks Sharon.

You have asked all the right questions. I only wish I had a sensible answer.

Yes, a total of 166,000 people have so far registered their opposition to the Government’s imminent Badger Cull.

Yes, we fought our way to a 6-hour debate in the House of Commons, and overwhelmingly won the vote at the end of it.

Yes, the whole scientific community, except a few in the employment of the Government, have concluded that the badger cull is bound to fail as a solution for Bovine TB in cattle.

And yet this Government, hand in hand with the leaders of the farming profession, are determined to proceed with the massacre of thousands of innocent, and mainly healthy wild animals.


Yes, it begs the questions … what is the point of debating in Parliament ? What is the point of petitioning? What is the point of impartial scientific research?

This Government is trashing them all. And this, apparently, is democracy. And we, the British public are, so far, standing by and letting them.

Best Wishes