The NFU now attempt a pre-emptive attack on protesters


FARMERS GUARDIAN article refers

The NFU and the Government are wildly lashing out at anything which might thwart their evil culling plans. At the 11th hour before the beginning of the shooting of badgers, apparently scheduled for this coming Monday, they are applying for an injunction to try to prevent any interference with their dirty work. But, reading the small print, it looks as if they are not just trying to stop illegal activities (the police already have plenty of power to do that), but actually trying to prevent legitimate protests all over the country against almost anything the Government decides to do against the will of the public. In short, this injunction, if granted by the judge, could constitute one of the most outrageous curbing of civil liberties this country has ever seen.

It seems there are no lengths the Government will not go to, using our money, to implement this futile cull. Perhaps the best consolation is the fact that we now get to see them wrestle with the dire results of getting their own way. Perhaps conspicuous public failure is the only message that will get through to them. It’s an awful, cruel, misguided, tragically wasteful disaster. But a disaster which, strangely enough, by awakening public outrage, may eventually change the balance of power in this country.