Countryfile – BBC Complaints


Many of you have watched the most recent ‘Countryfile’ episode about badgers and TB the cull – on our own Video channel here:

It’s so obvious, looking at it, that the case against culling was not fairly represented in putting this programme together, reinforcing opinions that have been widely expressed that the BBC has a strong bias towards supporting the NFU’s very shaky case for this killing spree. If you feel outraged, as we did, please do write to the BBC to complain that their standards of impartiality have seriously dropped. There was a certain amount of dishonesty too, including the assertion that levels of Bovine TB in cattle are out of control, on the increase, whereas DEFRA’s own figures show an actual DROP in the most recent reports.

Please do write. It all makes a difference. Here’s a link: BBC Complaints | also Points of View.

Cheers – and thanks. We will get there in the end. The truth will out.