Somerset poor badgers


Sharing some mail that came to me via The Badger Trust:


Received this morning at 6.00 a.m. … forwarding it to you for information.

Please do your utmost to publicise the peaceful protest organised by those in Somerset, which as you already know is to take place from 11.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. on Saturday 7th September. It is advertised on Facebook and brief details are on the Badger Trust website Details of the actual starting point will follow in a couple of days.


Hello Folks, Well its been a hectic week in the cull zone in Somerset! Things they assured you would not happen have happened. Here’s a part of my own personal account.

They said …

Police would be neutral – WRONG.

Badgers would be killed outright – WRONG.

Protestors intimidating farmers – WRONG; from where I am, it’s the other way around.

Dogs would only be used, when on a lead, and only to track, not attack – WRONG. I heard a badger being shot, not killed outright. Seconds later, 2 dogs finished the poor old badger off. How do I know, if I didn’t see? Answer: Screams and cries of the badger.

Pro-cull farmers have a raw deal – WRONG. I was in the car that was deliberately rammed by pro cull. Very, very unpleasant, but consistent with the sort of impression we have already of fox hunting fraternity.

There will be no Perturbation – they will do a proper job – WRONG! Bore witness to healthy looking adult and 2 cubs fleeing, and it broke my heart, they did not know what was happening. Disorientated and frightened.

This is a true account of my experience last week in the cull zone.

You will soon lose any fear you may have, if this is your first time. Why? You will see the many injustices being carried out and you will be angry! Channel it! Be useful, proactive, bring video, recording devices etc and have them ready, so all you have to do is press one button.

You realise, your safe view of our world is not at all right!

You will be haunted. Badgers are quiet when hurt – fallacy! A bit like the TB myth! They bloody well SCREAM – gut wrenching! HELP THEM!

Just get there and help the badgers, please. Just turn up, print off your map of the cull zone, and be in it during the night. Anytime between 8pm and 5.00am, shoots all the way through. You will soon see where things are happening and if you can’t get close, go somewhere else, its happening all over and people need to know. Alert people, united page etc once discovered, so more people can get there!