Foul Telegraph article on fox hunting


TELEGRAPH: “Pressure mounts to ease Hunting Ban: A FULL pack of hounds would be allowed to help kill foxes in England & Wales

If you’re for a moment swayed by this foul Telegraph article on Fox Hunting, remember it plays no part in ‘control’, and is done for ‘sport’. The Telegraph is essentially a mouthpiece for this toxic Government. So now we know for sure what Cameron is about. Blood sports. Of course.

Ha ! I love this new euphemistic term. They say they want to ‘EASE’ the Hunting Act ? For whom will it get easier? Oh yes, the criminals. Ah yes – David Cameron & his bloodthirsty gang are EASING us back into the barbaric Dark Ages. And we are letting them ? Shame on this Government. See the truth here about … pushing to bring back blood sports.