Common Decency goes live


Dear Folks

It’s a big moment for me … something I’ve dreamed of for a long time.

Tonight – as of 10pm – the Common Decency website is live.

Please check it out, read “The First 4 Questions you will ask” – review the “Pillars of Common Decency” at the right of the page, all clickable for further text – and tell us which ones you agree with.

Click around and check the ‘expert’ essays, specially written for us by authorities in their fields. Check the videos on specific topics … maybe starting with the ‘Pie Chart Video’ … and enjoy our daily additions as they appear in the coming weeks.

If you like what you see, please subscribe, and join our 49 day campaign to change Britain for the better. I believe this is the best chance we have ever had to rock Parliament to its roots – to rid it of the rotten stench of corruption, and start the vital process of top-to-bottom reform that we need to see. The reform that will eventually, finally, give everyone an equal say in how our country is run.

And, to all you staunch and stalwart Save-Me Warriors of old … this is where it led us. This is where we will break through. To a decent, compassionate, fair future for all.


Website is now active ! Visit us ! Subscribe ! Contribute ideas !

Let’s make waves !

No – I’m not standing for election – I decided I can cause a whole lot more trouble as a Common Decency activist !

Cheers all |

Common Decency web site
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