Common Decency: flyers, Brand, animals, NHS & Cameron


Think of an idea today to get someone to vote who otherwise might not. And get them to look at There is hope.

Flyer for Common Decency Feel free to use !!


Common Decency flyerClick HERE for larger

If you live @ Brighton Pavilion this is a present for you !!

Common Decency flyer - large Common Decency flyer - Caroline Lucas

Common Decency supports Louise Irvine – a chance to unseat an MP who has seriously damaged the NHS. VOTE LOUISE !!

Russell Brand’s recommendations now very close to ours at – OK. Time for Revolution. JOIN US.

DAILY MAIL : Labour is Branded: Comedian who wrote book calling democracy ‘a massive waste of time’ does U-turn – and guess who he wants us to vote for

FRIGHTENING: The outcome of this election is LIFE or DEATH for animals, and, as shown here, the Health Service.

GUARDIAN: Ed Miliband: Conservatives have secret plan to reorganise NHS after election 4 May

It’s incredible that anyone believes a word Cameron says. But they do. Well, £15,000,000 of spin has done its job.