On foxes and hedghogs


Anyone interested in the TRUTH about those ‘terrifying’ foxes ? This guy actually IS an expert

Stop hounding Britain’s urban foxes
7 June 2012 by Stephen Harris

The huge challenge is to get the TRUTH to readers of the Telegraph and the Sun and the Mail and the Standard. How do we do that?


Talking of PROPAGANDA, I want you guys to see this. What kind of a man is this ? I’d like to hear you views. [Jeremy Clarkson column in The Sun newspaper]:

eremy Clarkson - May is hedgehog killer not you

EXPERTS announced this week that the hedgehog population in Britain has fallen from a peak of 35million to just a few hundred thousand.

Needless to say, they blame you for the decline, saying that your car and your fenced-off garden are responsible. However, this is nonsense. Only two per cent of Britain has been built on. The other 98 per cent is full of fields and woods and moorland.

The fact is this. Hedgebogs are in trouble because they are being torn to pieces and eaten by badgers. And we can’t do anything about the rampaging disease-riddled badger population because of Brian May.

He therefore is responsible for the hedgehog issues, not your decking and not your Hyundai 120.

Thoughts of Harry Enfield

Oh. Really ? Sad. Disappointing. I’d thought better of this man. Seems like we ARE two different species.


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