Question Time


[In response to an excellent, interesting letter following Question Time … SEE LETTERS]

Thanks Martin

I relate totally to your attachment. [The Party System and the Corruption Parliament] Your thoughts are exactly where I have got to on the whole ‘One-Party system’ thing.

In fact what I was itching to say on QT was “There’s a fine line between a ‘strong’ government and a government that is out of control … with no moderation and no brake”. I wasn’t pushy enough to get that point across. And a strong government that can push ALL its agenda through is not really what ANYBODY wants except the man at the top and his close advisors – his co-conspirators – and the medium level generals who get the tasty crumbs from the table of a rich and powerful dictator.

This election SHOULD have been the end of the 2-party system – because most people actually ARE fed up with the posturing of politicians in power. But it didn’t work out that way, because the Tory Propaganda machine managed to scare people into voting to keep the status quo. But, to me, an argumentative Parliament in which the power is well distributed is still the dream. Then we truly get the protection we need from, as you say, an over powerful Government.

How do we bring this about ?

Well, there’s a blank page from me here, except, I stand by our Colour-Blind Common Decency policy. Having decent Tory MPs is now the ONLY hope of getting justice for the animals with no voice, and for the poor people who are right now being beaten up by the ‘Aspirational’ system, into which Austerity has been neatly dovetailed. You can hardly see the join.

Very best wishes.

Shall we keep in touch ?

Cheers Brian