Fox Cub breeding


This find exposes once and for all the lie that has so often been used to try to justify the sadistic sport of Fox Hunting.

Hunting with dogs is not, and never has been, about ‘control’ of a species. It is only about certain humans enjoying causing suffering to highly intelligent and sentient mammals. Once and for all, this barbaric ‘sport’ must now be consigned to history, along with Hare-coursing, Stag Hunting, and all the other unpleasant remnants of 18th century attitudes, no longer in any way acceptable in a civilised Britain.

The first anti-cruelty law – to protect cattle from cruel abuse, was passed in 1822 through the efforts of legendary animal campaigner Richard Martin. Since then, all kinds of animal cruelty have successfully been eradicated by legislation and enforcement of those laws in keeping with the sensibilities of the British people. They include Bear Baiting, Bull Baiting, Horse Beating, Badger Baiting, Cock Fighting, and the beating of horses. The Hunting Act of 2004 was an important step towards completing the quest of giving ALL animals protection in law against vile treatment. That act must now be endorsed, celebrated, and, most importantly, strengthened, to move forward the process, which is based on pure common sense, compassion, and decency.


Fox Cubs Kidnapped for Cruelty