Hot News – Now we can all be Smartphone 3-D photographers


[In reply to enquiry about 3-D phone apps…. SEE LETTERS]

Hi Sandra

Thanks for asking. Yes, I use the 3-D camera app for taking ’sequential’ stereos … which is very easy to use, and gives great results. Basically it helps you to do the ‘rocking’ technique … in which you take one photo with your weight on the left foot, and then rock slightly so your weight is on the right foot and take the other picture. The app enables you to instantly line up the two pictures you’ve taken, and then it gives you a choice as to how to output … in red and green, ‘flicker’ … or, my favourite by far … the side-by-side format which makes the stereo pair viewable in glorious 3-D in an OWL or similar viewer … or just ‘free-viewed’ once you get the knack.

The app isn’t expensive — it’s worth buying the full version rather than use the free download, because it gives you higher quality output. Note: the subject matter using this technique has to keep still for the two exposure ! So it’s OK with people, and landscapes, but animals and children and fast-moving cars are more challenging !! But it’s endless fun.

Your enquiry comes at a good moment for us – because we’re about to launch my latest invention !! It’s an adaptor for the OWL to make any smartphone fit in it, and the combination becomes an instant nice quality digital stereo viewer !! So people will be able to take 3-D pictures of their pals (using the 3-D camera app, maybe) and then instantly be able to view the snaps in 3-D. It will also work for any side-by-side pictures downloaded from websites or twitter, etc. So everyone will now have instant access to high quality digital 3-D ! It works for movies too ! And all the new VR technology marries up with it like a dream ! I’m excited !

Here’s a sneak preview of the prototype of the device … it’s very simple … but wickedly effective !!

Prototype OWL

Hopefully we’ll have the OWL Smartphone Adaptor ready for sale in the next couple of months …maybe even some for Christmas !