Very Happy Easter to all God’s creatures


VERY HAPPY EASTER TO ALL GOD’s CREATURES. Yes – including humans !

Brian and badger
Brian and badger

Brian May and two orphaned baby girl badgers 01/04/2018

These two orphaned baby girl badgers will get a second chance out there once they’re grown-up enough to deal with life in the sett. Yes, I’m aware there are still some farmers who hate these fine creatures – believing them to be responsible for spreading bovine TB. But every day this belief grows less credible. Now we know that a shedding undetected infectious cow excretes 500 times as many TB organisms as an infected badger.

Still think badgers are to blame ? Still think witches are to blame for crop failures ?

Meanwhile the hopelessly ineffective and appallingly cruel policy of killing badgers continues. Keeping on doing the same thing and expecting a different result ? What does that make us as a nation ?