Stereo portrait, Lunar Eclipse, Nirvana and Felix Taylor Wedding

Stereo portrait
Stereo portrait

Great stereo portrait by – not many artists ever attempt this – to DRAW a working stereo pair – and even less pull it off, because of the accuracy demanded – to make a portrait in 3 dimensions instead of 2. Salvador Dali got deeply into it ! But few have followed ! Well done !!

Wow ! Wanna see a whole total eclipse of the Moon event in 20 seconds ? This is so beautifully done by @poznai_kosmos !!!

Whole total eclipse of the Moon in 20 secs by @poznai_kosmos 30/07/2018

I’m following Kosmos now ! Notice how when the Moon is darkest red you can see it slowly drifting West to East against the star background. How cool is this ? This is actually a work of art/science ! Kosmos has expertly adjusted the exposure as the Moon is more and more shadowed (by the Earth) so that’s why the stars ‘come out’ during totality. The Moon becomes this blood red colour because, if you were standing on the Moon at this moment, you would see the Earth in a dark sky, with its whole circumference lit up by sunsets – the Sun’s light seen through layers of our atmosphere. I wanna do that some day !!! Credit: @poznai_kosmos .

Smells like Teen Spirit ! Couldn’t resist sharing this clip. Brilliant in so many ways !!! @musical.nation evidently rock !!! Hope you guys don’t mind me reposting you.

In case anyone was wondering where I was this weekend … here we are at the very picturesque nuptials of Felix Taylor (eldest son of Rog) and his bride Jo. And yes – I did get up with the boys and girls to play on a couple of songs – Rock ‘n’ Roll, Twist and Shout, and All Right Now, as I remember ! Splendid fun !

Felix Taylor Wedding by Rory Eleanor Taylor
Felix Taylor Wedding by Rory Eleanor Taylor

Crazy ! Thanks Chiara !!

Thanks Chiara 30/07/2018 –

Bri X