Hayabusa 2 Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout

Ryugu stereo - Credit: JAXA
Ryugu stereo – Credit: JAXA

Right now, launched by Hayabusa 2, the Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout MASCOT2018 lander is about to reach the surface of the ancient asteroid Ryugu – 280 million km from Earth, joining its two companions Minerva-II1 & 2 (landing site in blue).  #asteroidlanding @DLR_en @CNES – Congratulations JAXA Guys ! The blue spot is where they hope to land. Parallel stereo view for free-viewing on a smart phone or enjoy through an OWL stereoscope on a laptop. ****** I should probably have added that they haven’t sprayed blue paint onto the Asteroid ! They’ve added it artistically to previous views of Ryugu from their archives, to show us exactly(-ish) where the target area for touch-down is. Check out the movie on the Hayabusa2 website and Twitter.