Gotta love…


Yep ! Gotta love this guy !

Bri and Rami - Vegas

And gotta love this guy ! He seems to have the capability of being more Bri than Bri, so I’m contemplating an early retirement !!! He is truly the greatest chap, as an actor and as a person.

Gwilym and Bri

My dear pal Arielle trading axes with me yesterday. She is an awesome player – recently on tour with Eric Johnson. (See him and weep, fellow guitar players !!!) Watch out for an original Official Arielle guitar soon.


3-D Still Life with decorative pot and rock star. I’m tentatively conducting my first forays with the app i3DSteroid, because my beloved 3Dcamera app is now disabled. To be honest, I’m not finding my way around the mechanics of the app very easily. But in time maybe I will grow to love it too ! Any advice welcome ! I’m now a novice again ! And … a lot of you will know why I took this picture 

Decorative pot and rock star - stereo

Couldn’t resist this. Crazy VEGAS architecture. So which one of these yellow buildings is built straight ? Answers on a postcard please. (Kidding – do postcards even still exist these days ?! Damn. I hate change !) and I have no idea why they build these things non-vertically – presumably because they can ! But it sure beats the Hell out of modern London architecture, in terms of creativity and harmony. Harmony ? Yes, I feel that for all its madness, Las Vegas really does have a coherence of style, and spirit.

Crazy Vegas architecture - stereo

 The trade-off ! Interested in this guitar ? I am ! Watch this space !!! #officialarielle

Bri with Arielle guitar

I think this is called noodling. But what could this great guitar be called ?! #officialarielle

Brian May: “I think this is called noodling.” 08/09/2018

SO SO PROUD of my wonderful Save-Me CEO – ANNE BRUMMER – winning a top award from RSPCA yesterday for her outstanding Wild Animal rescue record. Over the last few years many thousands of animals got a second chance at life, due to her extraordinary talent and dedication. Congratulations ANNE !!! Love ya !

Ann Brummer - Animal Hero

Having a non-rock star moment in Red Rocks nature reserve. We don’t have CHIPMUNKS back home, so specially I loved seeing this little chap doing his thing without interference from Man. I think he found what he was looking for ! Long may it be so. 

Brian May: Non rock star moment Red Rocks Nature Reserve, Nevada 08/09/2018

Bri the explorer. My new look. OK ? At Red Rocks being boiled alive !!! I think I was close to a relative of this fabulous tree many years ago. 

Bri The Explorer