Home Sweet Home !!! – Carrot Top – Badgers – Mission Moon 3-D


Home sweet home !!! Well, kind of ! Back to Las Wages !! Hurrah ! It was a great drive through the desert – recommended !

Home Sweet Home !!!

Carrot Top rules ! Thanks for having us all over again !!

Carrot Top and Bri

“John Deacon on Bass Guitar.” He’s phenomenal.

John Deacon on Bass Guitar

Hey hey ! There was a lot of wind noise at the Meteor Crater – but here’s our informal teaser for the Mission Moon3-D book appearing VERY SOON !!! It has a different cover in the USA. But the same stereoscopic insides ! Cinematography by Michael Bakich.

Brian May & David Eicher informal trailer Mission Moon 3-D

“…about the space race so it’s a pretty neat book. We’re very happy, we’re very proud and we hope that you’ll love it and it will inspire you to great places.

These wonderful creatures are to be the victims of more senseless persecution this year. It’s a national tragedy, benefitting nobody. I cry.

Badger in a sett

Hello Las Vegas folks ! Eyes down for show number 5 in our run. We should be all rested and hot to trot !! Let’s Rock ! 

Brian on stage - red smoke

Just to prove that our crew are into it ! THANKS Las Vegas Rockers ! Vid by Daniel Nelson.


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