Am I the only one… ? – Rest easy – Royal Holloway College – Fox Fanfare – and Tribute


 Am I the only one waking up each morning and praying that the whole embarrassing Brexit disaster will be over – and miraculously, like in a soap opera, never happened ? I don’t blame anyone who voted for Brexit – we were asked to vote on a subject none of us had any information on – and we were deliberately fed false information by the likes of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. NOBODY voted for THIS unholy mess. Surely it’s time to just STOP IT ? And admit that Brexit was the stupidest idea this country ever had ? It’s now confirmed that Britain will be much weaker if Brexit actually happens. **** And really it’s no surprise. It’s a bit like asking your wife (or husband) for a divorce and then saying “But can I still have all the same benefits as when we were married ?” It was never going to happen. I’m praying Brexit fails utterly, as it looks like it may. And then perhaps we can try to repair the relationship – the alliance which made Britain strong over the last 20 years. It takes courage and wisdom to admit you tried to make a wrong turn. And who will take hold of the reins to do this ? I will be hoping that “cometh the hour, cometh the man”. Or the Woman. But certainly not this one – whose legacy is chaos and wasted time. We must never forget that this situation was brought about by David Cameron’s vanity and arrogance, and his consequent neglect of his country’s best interests. Maybe it’s contagious.

TV screen snapshot - Brexit Secretary resigns

Phew ! I’m gonna sleep much better knowing this ! Ha ha !!!

No link between insomnia and early death - news cutting

Denis and Bri yesterday in our natural habitat – looking at real Victorian stereo cards. In the stunning picture gallery in perhaps the ultimate Victorian fantasy building – the magnificent Royal Holloway College. Thanks to all who came to celebrate.

Denis and Brian - by Royal Holloway College
Photo: Royal Holloway College

In the North courtyard of Royal Holloway College last night. A Victorian Dream ! Photo by Robin Rees – an alumni of the college ! 

Brian in the North Courtyard
Photo: Robin Rees

Fox Fanfare ! Queen-Style ! With custom visuals. Do you know how hard it was keeping this recording a secret for about 9 months ?!!! Ha ha !

20th Century Fox Fanfare | Bohemian Rhapsody OST

A nice tribute … thanks Jaquel.

Bohemian Rhapsody | A Tribute to Queen: JaQuel Knight | 20th Century FOX