Queen – Biggest stories of the decade


Rami Malek - Bohemian Rhapsody movie

The Biggest Music Business Stories of the Decade
30 December 2019 2019

“Bohemian Rhapsody” Becomes Music’s Biggest Biopic Problems during production augured for a flop, and critics weren’t entirely kind. But the story of Queen’s lead singer grossed more than $900 million worldwide and won Rami Malek one of the movie’s four Oscars.

Concert year in review: Queen reigned
29 December 2019

Top Pittsburgh concerts of 2019

(In a countdown of their Top Ten concerts)

1. Queen + Adam Lambert It was everything arena rock should be: Big hooks, bold ideas, dazzling visuals, spectacular singing and splendid guitar. Lambert absolutely amazed, sincerely respecting the late-Freddie Mercury without trying to duplicate him. Whether plopped flamboyantly on a piano to slay on “Killer Queen,” or sprawled atop a spinning, glittery motorcycle, Lambert captivated. Guitaristt Brian May showed he’s still a mighty player, and even got in on the theatrics in a sequence where he soloed while riding what looked like an asteroid zipping through outer space. Fans of a certain age relished the chance to bang their head “Wayne’s World” style when May unleashed the “Bohemian Rhapsody” solo.