Gower Project and Power – Half Moon – Italian friends ! finally


United we stand !! Working group of GOWER Cattle Farmers this morning. Our Mission – working together with essential new strategies to vanquish the fiendishly evasive mycobacterium called M Bovis. Predicted result – model populations of healthy cows and healthy wildlife in the Gower Peninsula.

Gower Team

45 YEARS LATER ! The truly splendid Brangwyn Hall. On this exact day in 1973 Queen played here as support band to Mott the Hoople. My memories of those formative days are very vivid (unlike some of the more recent days !) How amazing to be back here on a mission to the Gower, to collaborate with these long-suffering yet still open-minded Welsh farmers. I do find life is non-linear. Who could have predicted that our achievements in Rock music would empower me to help tackle an issue like this.

Bri outside Brangwyn Hall

Our last call on our 3-Day excursion to Gower, Anne and me. Alan and Pat are seasoned dairy farmers with a clean herd, who are on board with the new Gower Project we’re mounting to lick Bovine TB. He’s a man who totally ‘gets it’ – in the sense that he takes EVERY bit of good advice he’s been offered, operates a closed herd, the only exceptions being bringing in heifers whose pedigree for health has been meticulously checked, and loves his cows to the point where he watches TV with them !! He also loves his neighbouring badgers. Our new strategy will be to help keep an operation like this healthy, and to bring chronically infected herds back up to stable health. Thanks Alan and Pat. And thanks to everyone who made this trip to Wales inspiring and educational for us. We felt so much warmth from everyone we met. We’ll be back. We’re in this for good.

Anne, Alan, Pat and Bri - Gower Project

New friends ! And I think we’re on to a good thing ! Bob Dudley-Jones runs the Gower Brewery, makers of that fine Gower Power juice I sampled for the first time 2 days ago. We’re hoping the Brewery will partner us in some way in the Gower Project. No pressure, guys !! And thanks for the take-away !

Bri with Bob Dudley-Jones, Gower Brewery

Home !!!! Phew ! at Half Moon Pub. Mixing pleasure with pleasure ! 

Half Moon Pub, Windlesham

Dear Italian Friends ! Finally !! Hope you guys enjoy Bohemian Rhapsody the Movie. Watch out for the opening FOX FANFARE – it signals that you are entering QueenLand ! And take a box of tissues. You have been warned !!! Grazie !!! 

Bohemian Rhapsody releases tomorrow in Italy


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