Starmus 2019


If Stars and Music are both important elements of your life, you owe it to yourself to experience STARMUS !!

My dear friend Garik Israelian created this festival in 2011, a crazy idea that turned into a triumph.  

At that first STARMUS gathering in Tenerife, astronomers and musicians and people of all trades who just loved the idea, mingled with legendary astronauts from both sides of the Space Race, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Alexei Leonov and many more, listened to lectures close-up by scientists at the top of their fields, and enjoyed music from musicians for whom awareness of the Universe has a special meaning.

Since then, STARMUS has grown and blossomed, evolved and deepened, with Stephen Hawking playing a core role in his latter years.

This year we’re all thrilled that stratospheric musician Jean-Michel Jarre will contributing, and Michael Collins, the pivotal Third Man in the historic Apollo 11 Moon Landing, will make a rare and keenly anticipated appearance.  To attend this unique event, you don’t have to be an astronomer, or an astronaut or a musician. You only have to love it !  So if you love it, and if you can spare a week in your life, and have the means to get to Zurich this year, well … you owe it to yourself !! 



Starmus 2019 poster
Starmus 2019 poster
Starmus 2019 poster - stereo
Starmus 2019 poster – stereo