Supporting World Down Syndrome Day (21 Mar) – Bo Rhap in Chana Poster – Zen book


If this doesn’t bring a tear or two … supporting World Down Syndrome Day –

(Thursday 21st March) – a video of 50 adorable kids havin’ a good time with ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’. Watch at your peril !!

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Don’t Stop Me Now – World Down Syndrome Day

This massive poster beside a road in Shanghai says “Here we come!!”. So exciting to finally see a release for Bo Rhap in China. Anybody out there wanna say “ Ni-Hao” ??? I’d love to hear what you guys in China think of it.

With thanks to my great pal, James Barber.

Bo Rhap roadside poster Shanghai by James Barber

Good Morning folks. This is from The Zen Book by Daniel Levin. This is Page 1, and I can’t get past it. To me, this is a very hard thing to do, and I can feel it’s at the centre of my inability to be ‘happy’. To accept myself completely ? To be OK about everything I see in myself ? It’s a beautiful thought, but I can’t do it. So maybe enlightenment won’t happen for me today. Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday.

Zen book page 1