This is Jess Grant


This is Jess Grant.

Bri and Jess

The story. A young lady with humanity and talent, full of fun and laughter and courage. We had some great times – sharing guitar secrets and thoughts about life. But an unspeakable disease took her away while she yet had her whole life to live.

Her brave parents have founded a charity which will bring better lives to many children faced with battles like Jess’s. It’s called Jess Grant Celebration and you can find it on . By spreading the word and/or donating, you will be ensuring that Jess’s spirit is honoured, and bringing a future nearer in which no child is so unfairly deprived of fulfilment in life.

Jess rocks on !!!

Jess Grant Celebration


Brian and Jess Grant

Brian and Jess Grant

Jess and family with Brian and Anita
Jess and us

Brian May is Patron of Jess Grant Celebration

Jess Grant Celebration

**** And guys … I thank you, but you don’t need to be telling me how pure I am. I just do what I can. I’m not a saint or a guru. And this little girl gave me more than I gave her. Some of you may remember Catherine Jenkins and Vicki Moore. I have been fortunate to have great young souls in my life. I hope I’ve learned some of the lessons I was meant to learn. But life is a continuous learning curve. It’s painful. But we can only live it.