Proud day for Astronomy ! – Proud Memory – Kerry Ellis – Queen Mania strikes Melbourne


First picture of a Black Hole

A proud day for Astronomy ! [10 April]

Congratulations to the Event Horizon Telescope team on mankind’s very first picture of a Black Hole. Seen ‘backlit’ by light bent around the event horizon from behind, this amazing portrait of one of the least understood phenomena in the Universe will undoubtedly go down in History.

Beauty !

A proud memory from 6 years ago today. [10 April 2013] Sold-out Meat Loaf show at the O2 arena London. I guested with this fabulous team – The mighty drummer John Miceli, the inimitable Mr. Loaf, and awesome guitar man Paul Crook. Thanks Paul Crook.

Joe Miceli, Bri, Mr Loaf and Paul Crook - O2 2013
Joe Miceli, Bri, Mr Meat and Paul Crook, O2 Arena, London – 10 April 2017 2013

Well, maybe it was 4 years and a few days ago. Although this record didn’t sell millions, when I’m gone, people will point to my work with Kerry Ellis as some of the best either of us ever did. An Unfinished Symphony !!!

Brian and Kerry One Voice 4th Anniversary

Wow ! Queen Mania strikes Melbourne !!!Apparently pretty much all the tickets for Aami Park Stadium went in 3 days. Amazing ! So – happily we can add another show ! – tickets go on sale this coming Monday. Thanks Melbourne folks ! See ya there. I’ll be at short square leg ! ROCK !

Melbourne Extra date"