Who could torture and kill these buns for fun ?


Those little musical monkeys are doing well ! Yes – our seven orphaned fox-cubs are getting cheeky and inquisitive. Enjoying their special solid food now, but there’s nothing quite like a good old nibble of cardboard !

Seeing this, I find it almost impossible to imagine the mentality of people who would torture and kill these beautiful creatures for ‘sport’. In fox-hunting circles this is the despicable ‘cubbing’ season, in which new hounds are trained to kill. Families of cubs like these are dug out of their home earths, and the hungry dogs are set upon them. Mostly the cubs are torn to pieces. Any hound that doesn’t exhibit the killer instinct is shot on the spot. And there are awful videos of the remaining cubs being crushed under the boots of these vile people. This behaviour is now illegal since the Hunting Act, but it still goes on, perpetuated by law breakers, sadists and liars. Of course the biggest lie of all was that Fox Hunting was necessary for ‘pest control’. But now there is plenty of evidence that fox-hunters actually breed foxes to be tortured in this ‘traditional’ way. That’s why Save-Me campaigns to keep the Hunting Act in place, tighten up the loopholes, and make sure that in future the law is enforced, with zero tolerance for cruelty to wild animals. It’s a long road (as is the fight to end the cruel and ineffective badger cull), and we still need all the support we can get.


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