Sing Street – and – Our Rescue Fox Cubs


Lucy in "Sing Street" - TV shot

What a beautiful, beautiful film !! SING STREET. I finally got to see it tonight on Channel 4 catch-up ! Found myself watching it well into the small hours, captivated. It features a truly fabulous performance by our own Lucy Boynton, who of course played Mary in our Bohemian Rhapsody film so magnificently. My God – this lady Is overdue for some huge awards. The film breaks your heart. You all have to see it, folks – believe me ! Great story, great cast, and beautifully filmed. I hereby give you permission to love it. Okay?! I think we all need permission….Right?

…. AND … Yes ! You might spot another Bohemian Rhapsody performer in the film. And – yes – the music is great. Favourite scene ? The fantasy 1950s video scene – I was a mess after that !

Brian May: Our rescue fox cubs – 14/04/2019

A peek into the peaceful world of our rescue fox cubs – Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, and Ti ! Growing up fast, happy and healthy. Thanks to their surrogate Mum, Anne Brummer, and her great team. For more updates please check @anneatsaveme. Happy Sunday, People of the Earth.