The warm heart of narcissism ? – Useless Talent


The warm heart of Narcissism ?


Parallel stereo

Barcissi - parallel stereo

Hint: if you don’t know how to make it work as a 3-D view, stare into the distance ‘through’ your phone, and move the phone back and forth til the two images become one).

Cross-eyed view

Narcissi - Cross-eye

– (stare at your finger held about half way between your eyes and your phone. Move the finger back and forth till the images ‘fuse’). Let’s pretend it’s Spring !

To make the stereo, I used an iPhone and the i3DSteroid app, which makes everything easy. It took about a minute !! Try it !!!


I wasn’t feeling jolly this morning, so I’m grateful to High On Guitar for making me chuckle. This guy is a very good sport for letting this out – and who is to say what kind of talent is useless ? Oh ! Maybe I’m over-thinking this ! Ha ha. Well, I gotta say I couldn’t do this ! Respects !!! And a Jolly Shredding Sunday to you all, folks !!!