Happy May, folks – Top Musicians – Smile – in the Rescue today

May is here
Origin unknown

OK ! I give in !!!

Happy May, folks. And thanks for the vote of confidence ! This is so NOT how I look at this minute – but this is the happy face I need to put on, so … thanks !!!

This has made me smile so much I had to borrow and share it. I hope you don’t mind, Top Musicians. My thanks to you for all the great stuff you post. I love these guys ! I love the passion in how they dig in with these strange mouth organ things – and I love how faithfully they carry forth all the subtleties of the underlying chord changes. I hope John WIlliams sees this ! What a wonderful classic bit of film score writing ! Star Wars still stirs my bones !



Got my SMILE on today ! Thanks to my dear friends the Staffells. Of course Tim designed this logo for our college group well before anyone else had a mouth-based logo. And Anne Brummer always has her smile on anyway; seeing the Magnificent Seven fox cubs tumbling around this morning in the rescue, it’s no surprise ! I’ll show you ! Happy Thursday folks.

Brian selfie - in Smile t-shirt - with Anne Brummer

In the rescue today – these little ‘uns are still too young to go out in the runs. Doing well, though. The very unusual pale coloured cub, Alexandra, is unique in our experience, and her pal Daz is the same age, so they will progress to the grassy places together.

Brian May with fox cubs Alexandra and Daz 02/05/2019

So here are the bigger children, this afternoon in their leafy run. Of course you will all be able to figure out which of the Magnificent Seven we can see here !!! They’re all healthy and, and increasingly foxy-looking, and apparently don’t have a care in the world. It’s a good day. They have claimed this palette palace as their base, as opposed to the cozy hide they started off in. I think they’re feeling wild. Hope you are all feeling wild out there.

Brian May: Magnificent Seven in Palette Palace 02/05/2019


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