James and Kerry Parachute Jump – Bedtime reading – New Horizons artwork


Kerry and Jamers sponsored parachute jump poster

Help ! James and Kerry are making a sponsored parachute jump to raise money to feed disadvantaged children in the UK. How shocking that this situation exists in our country. Children are going to school with no food in their tummies. And it’s now known that such children are highly likely to fail in the school system. Help this great venture by sponsoring them with as many pennies as you can spare !

For details visit @towns88.

Bed-time Reading.

Bedtime reading "On The Future"

Still Still Life. Once you’ve done (1) tracking, please see (2) parallel stereo, (3) cross-eyed stereo, (4) anaglyph 3-D – you need red and green glasses for this. So, if you’re not bored to tears by all this – tell me … which of these is the best ‘solid’ experience ?

Brian May Bedtime Reading “On The Future” 18/05/2019


Brian May plugged into New Horizons

Thank you Sandra Muller for this lovely art work. To many of you folks, this will immediately strike a chord. But, by way of explanation, what Sandra has done is illustrate myself plugging in to the New Horizons space probe, which at present is located over 4,000,000,000 miles away from planet Earth. The picture has a nice symbolic meaning, because we did actually beam my New Horizons track out to the space vehicle on New Year’s Day. Brilliant ! Sandra’s Dad, Tod Lauer, is one of NASA’s top experts in astro image processing. Much of what we see in those beautiful images of Pluto and Ultima Thule from the New Horizons Mission are due to Tod’s skills in extracting and refining the data sent back to Earth from that tiny speeding machine – about the size and shape of a grand piano, and in the 13th year of its journey, still heading outwards towards the stars.


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