So let’s talk trivia – Stevie Ray Vaughan – Enchanted by rhododendrons


SO let’s talk trivia.

Brian 0 Sale and Shake crisps

Like how everyone has to start a discourse with “so” these days ?

How long has that been happening? I’m sure it wasn’t everybody’s habit 10 years ago. And instead of saying “He said… ”, or “I said … ”, we all feel compelled to say “he’s like …” or “I’m like …” or nobody under 30 understands what we’re saying. So I’m like … how did the English language becomes so corrupted and impoverished ?

But there is good news. I don’t regard my page as a place to advertise, but I have to celebrate the enterprise of Walkers in reintroducing the blue salt packet in crisps. It seems to me that so many of the innovations of the 21st century are put there to take away our choices, and force us all into a behaviour which makes money for someone. With these salt shaker packets of crisps, once again we actually have the option of putting salt on our food or not. This is the way it was when I was a kid. You got your packet of Smiths crisps, unsalted, and in the packet was a little blue waxed paper twist, containing salt which you could either shake into the contents of the bag, or NOT. I really enjoy exercising my choice in different ways every day with these excellent healthy snacks !

So choice is a GOOD thing, right ? Except when it interferes with somebody else’s right to exercise choice. Right? That’s when it gets tricky. But in this case I think we are safe. And I enjoy the fact that Walkers have paid homage to the original in the design of the package, and in the credit to our old friends Smiths.

Enjoy exercising your choices today, folks.

Ow ow ow !!! Listen to those wonderful juicy notes !! This is a man to stan ! This is the kind of guitar playing that melts me. Stevie Ray Vaughan, lost in a world of his own, here allows his fingers to be a channel for the burning passions inside him. Like Jimi Hendrix, he effortlessly makes his guitar sing to us, speak to us of wonders beyond words. Even with both hands behind his back !!!! I so wish I had met SRV, but one of the favourite moments in my life was when one of his friends told me, after he was gone, that he liked my playing. But this man was truly one of guitar playing’s greatest champions. An elemental monster. Check him out, all ye who would bend strings !!! Thanks High On Guitar. Follow this account to be regularly reminded of such guitar gems.


I’m enchanted by rhododendrons. Blown away. This year I’m grateful to be not on tour while they present their magnificent blooms – each one an arrangement of many florets, every one waving their stamens and desporting their coloured ‘throats’, and offering perfumed pollen – all to invite those bees to visit and pollinate them. See mono, then parallel stereo, then cross-eyed stereo, then red and green (blue?) anaglyph, for which you will need red and green (blue?) glasses. Rhodies Rock !! Oh, yes, Roadies rock too !!!

This one is new to me – called, apparently “Mrs. T. H. Lewinsky AGA” . There must be a story there … Very unusual, with its pink-tinged buds, as you can see, and a striking orange throat when the blooms are fully open. Wow !


Mrs. T. H. Lewinsky AGA - mono


Mrs. T. H. Lewinsky AGA - parallel


Mrs. T. H. Lewinsky - cross-eyed


Mrs. T. H. Lewinsky - anaglyph