Legendary Tokyo Dome


Arriving at the legendary Tokyo Dome this afternoon for sound check. For so many years I wondered what this would feel like. it feels awesome and a little scary ! Can we handle it ? !

BRIAN MAY: The legendary Tokyo Dome – 14/02/2024 [Edit 2]
–  https://youtu.be/o-IDtjgcaJs

So THIS is what the famed Tokyo Dome looks like on the inside. It’s a stupendous place. That roof is not solid – it’s supported purely by air pressure – like a balloon. So if you’re inside it, you are literally under pressure. About an extra half an atmosphere, I think, like diving to about 15 feet under water. But you don’t notice it. It feels good – almost like being outside on a warm day. Ready for sound check ! We’re gonna change where we seat ourselves to play “Is This The World We Created” tonight – to improve that transition out of my guitar solo – and put Adam and I under the Leaf Drop – from the Last Tree in the Universe. So we’ll rehearse that this afternoon after we’ve checked all the sounds, on stage and out front. Always looking for improvements !

I’m mesmerised by this Dome …

Well, for once, I’m not feeling any regrets or frustration. That, for me, was a wonderful show. THANK YOU dear Tokyo folks – for a truly inspiring reception which brought all kinds of things out from me which I didn’t know I had in me !!!

You know – you can always give your best, but the instance of something exceptional happening ? You really can’t fake it. I’m not gonna say it was perfect. Nothing in rock ‘n’ roll is ever perfect. But I would stand by tonight as something that I feel proud of. That wonderful roar that we heard from you guys every time we made a move, propelled us into some great moments. you sang beautifully and with such passion – I was very moved. And you rewarded me with applause for my little excursion into “Teru Teru Bozo” – I don’t think I have attempted to play that since 1975! It felt warm and I felt I could fly. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Well, let us see what we can pull out of the hat tomorrow night. I’m excited!

You take my breath away


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