Ft Lauderdale


Hello Fort Lauderdale – well, actually SUNRISE ! Well, actually, Miami, which is only 38 minutes drive away. Here I’m getting a great view of the whole room, standing up on the riser behind Roger’s kit, which I hardly ever use in the show – but it’s very useful for Adam. Haven’t posted one of these vids for a while – I thought it might be an interesting precursor to what I’m asking Pete to do tonight … These USA arenas all look the same at first glance – and they’re all perfect for the kind of production we put into them on our tour. But they all have their own little special features and they all sound a little different. Our out front sound man Tom New says he likes this one – so hopefully we’ll all be happy !! See ya later !

Brian May: Ft Lauderdale Soundcheck 17/08/2019
– https://youtu.be/kfaoZN4eaOk

The Night we Lit up Florida !!! Thanks beautiful people of SUNRISE, FORT LAUDERDALE, MIAMI and environs. You gave it up !!! You made the sacrifice – you chose light over image-capture ! So this is my gift to you !!! Sweet dreams ! And thanks PETE for capturing this moment from that same riser behind the drum kit where I stood in mid-sound-check this afternoon.