Roaming in Nashville


Roaming in Nashville’s city life after our show, I was lucky enough to witness an eclipse of the moon by the gnomon at the pinnacle of the Bridgestone Arena rocket tower. And under that Moon, beneath that glowing dome, some real magic happened tonight. Sweet dreams Nashville !!!

Roaming Nashville - para

Roaming Nashville - cross-eyed

Roaming Nashville - mono

Roaming Nashville - mono

The Walk !!! Photo: Emma Donoghue

Nashville - The Walk by Emma Donoghue


Little teaser, folks ? Our dear Bro’ Adam has his long awaited VELVET: Side A project coming out SOON. You can pre-order ! Yay ! Hop over to Adam’s IG —- @adamlambert — for details.



Storm clouds to Starboard. We’re neatly, safely, flying around them on the way to Miami. But they’re so handsome !! This is close to the shot I’m always attempting. To get the Stereo depth in the clouds outside, but also keeping the real window in front, where the virtual stereo window belongs. In this case I was also happy to get the clouds to ‘flow inside’ without violating the edges of the window. They taught me purism in the English Stereoscopic Society 45 years ago, or so ! But it’s still fun. Yep ! So Adam’s a Queen, Rog is a Rock Star, and I’m a hyperstereoscopic meteorologiphile. OK – maybe I made that up …

Storm clouds on way to Miami - parallel

Storm clouds on way to Miami  - cross-eyed