Hello Charlotte !!! Final Show !!!


Diary Entry. Stardate 2019:08:23 at 17.20 hours. We are set.

“The last show. I t’s very strange, you know. Yeah, cos you’re kind of yearning for home for two months. This moment comes, it’s strange, cos you know you’re gonna miss all this really badly and here it is for the last time…

Charlotte, North Carolina – we’ll soon be set. Just the one now.”

Brian May: We are set for last show
– Charlotte 23/08/2019 – https://youtu.be/Y5myKHi2xFo

Hello CHARLOTTE !!! Final show !!! Yeeeeow !!!! That means we’ll be pulling out ALL the stops !!!

What a lovely welcome !!! Thanks Charlotte and LiveNation !!!

Brian May: Hello Charlotte !!! Final show !!! 23/08/2019
– https://youtu.be/a3GedzKwZ5A

Some people stand out in a crowd !!!

THANK YOU Pete for your unerringly perfect work on this tour. Luminous lemon yellow is the new Black !

Fluorescent Mallers in Charlotte
Fluorescent Mallers in Charlotte
Bri and Pete - Fluorescent in Charlott
Bri and Pete – Fluorescent in Charlotte