It’s done !!! – and – Charlotte !!!


It is done !!!

Big thanks to all our team. And to all who rocked with us. OK – left to right – Javi, Emma, Tyler, Rog, Neil, Bri, Zoë, Adam, Rich, Spike, Kim. In the bar of the Ritz-Carlton around 1.30am.

Wrapped by Tiger Lily Taylor
Photo by Tiger Lily Taylor


Here’s a bumper package of snaps taken last nights in this final show of the tour by Pete Malandrone, Emma Donoghue  and our sensational wardrobe gal Marley.

Charlotte - Brian onstage - red cutains

Charlotte - Brian takes a bow - purple

Charlotte - Adam singing - gold suit

Charlotte - Brian - arms open wide

Charlotte - Brian plays acoustic

Charlotte - Brian plays acoustic - rear view

Charlotte - Brian plays acoustic - side view

Charlotte - Brian and cymbal

Charlotte - Brian plays in light beams - orange

Photo credits to: Pete Malandrone, Emma Donoghue and Marley (wardrobe)

Over and out.