In pursuit of infinity !!!!


In pursuit of infinity !! In moments of curiosity I’ve been pondering this shot for a while.

Only read on if you’re into Stereoscopic curiosities like I am. I don’t know if anyone else has ever got into this (tell me) – I did this in MONO a few months ago. To get an infinitely repeating image within an image within an image in the smartphone, you have to use the back lens (selfie mode) but turn the camera screen AWAY from you, so you can only see the image indirectly in the mirror. So far so good. But to do it in stereo ? Easy ! Just move the phone sideways between shots … right ? Well, no. Try it ! What you get is a conflict between proper stereo in the room – including the phone camera itself, and proper stereo (not reversed, or ‘pseudo’) in the images seen on the phone screen. So ! How to move the camera and the body and head so it all works out ? Which way to rotate ? Go with the camera movement, or against ? And then what happens to the background ? I’ll leave you to figure the last bits out – it’s fun. Interesting in theory AND in practice !!! Have a go.

As usual, parallel viewing version and cross-eyed.





Bri and Roger onsage - Photo credit @mary26terry
Tue 23 July 2019 – Dallas, TX American Airlines Center
Photo credit @mary26terry