Devillish creation – and all hail Slash


Wow ! What timing ! Red-eyed sanguine skeletons scampering stereoscopically over a 21st Century Stereoscopic viewing device! Just in time for the Halloween release of the updated COMPLETE Diableries 3-D book. Thanks Carleen Phillips for this new devilish creation.

Devillish creation by Carleen Phillips


My extrapolations for parallel,

Devillish creation by Carleen Phillips - parallel by Brian May



Devillish creation by Carleen Phillips - cross-eyed by Brian May

and mono inclined visitors.

Devillish creation Mono by Carleen Phillips

(Apologies for taking such liberties with your work, Carleen.)

… Thanks for paying me the compliment of being here. Let’s celebrate with more Diableries !!! 

Domo arigato Takashi-San. I’m happy that LITE OWLS are flying in Japan.

Lite OWL


Slash in Queen t-shirt
Credit unknown

No ! Stop! This dark arts monster guitar genius puts all other devilments to shame. All hail Slash – and we’re honoured by your attire !

Bri and Queen