Kerry Ellis: Been a long time – and – Big trouble on my Instagram account


Bri and Kerry in the studio 9 Oct 2019

It’s been a long time … but the ol’ magic still seems to work. Kerry Ellis back in her old seat in my studio today working on a brand new track. This one’s a killer.

IG logo

HELP !!! Instagram !!! Are you there ? I have big trouble on my Instagram account. My new phone can not access my account – and IG no longer recognises my password. I’ve just spent 2 hours going round and round in circles on the support pages (with an Apple expert !) getting nowhere. Is there any chance of talking to a Human Being at Instagram ? Please ?

Obviously, I first tried to change my password. But it refuses to send me a new link either by email or by phone. What is more worrying is that I get a message back which is in Russian. Luckily I can still post on my spare phone which at the moment is still running my account. But I would guess that if this phone exits IG, I won’t be able to get back in.