Icosahedron ! – ITV debate – Glastonbury


Icosahedron ! This 20-sided polyhedron is one of Nature’s (only) 5 regular solids. I’ve put the whole set on swipe position number 4. This particular giant internally lit icosahedron is made by artist Anthony James. The internal reflections make a fantastic 3-D tracery inside the space it occupies, which seem to stretch to infinity. Below three parallel 3-D views, and then the key to regular polyhedra, and the gallery, then the cross-eyed views. Yes, I’m feeling geeky tonight. Or maybe this stuff is a convenient escape from the difficult stuff of real life. Thanks to the Opera Gallery in London – where you can see this piece today.


Bri and the Icosahedron parallel

Icosahedron parallel


Opera Gallery


Bri and the Icosahedron cross-eyed

Icosahedron cross-eyedIcosahedron - cross-eyed

Why do I have all this stuff in my head, you ask ? I was fascinated by solid geometry when I was a kid – and I made these regular solid objects as Christmas decorations. I’m sure I still have them somewhere …


Acknowledgments to Tutors.com for the illustrations.

Was anyone else disgusted with the ITV ‘debate’ between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn ? Every time Boris refused to shut up and kept repeating the same dumb phrases he’s been primed to parrot by his PR department, I found myself shouting at the car radio! Appalling behaviour. Insulting to our Intelligence. But the most ridiculous thing of all to me was the fact that ITV had ignored the fact that roughly half of the country do not want to leave Europe, and these two blokes were effectively both on the same side of the argument ! There is no getting away from the fact that this election is largely about Brexit, and ITV presented us with a farcical debate which did not even address the issue of whether we should be cutting these international ties or not. In my view ? Pathetic. I approve of a lot of Corbyn’s philosophy and pursuit of fairness – his manifesto makes a lot of sense to me, long term. But right now I would find it impossible to vote for EITHER of these men. How about you ?

lection ignite

Paul to play Glastonbury ! Yes – some people have been commenting to me about this, relative to my recent comments about my unwillingness to play this festival. Well, to set the record straight, Paul was kind enough to phone me about this before he accepted the invitation. He was concerned that he might be thought to be endorsing the current mass killing of badgers. Paul, a great campaigner on behalf of animals, is firmly against the Badger Cull. I told him he should not feel any obligations – that my reluctance to play was based on the personal comments Michael Eavis has made about me. It’s true. I work daily with people who disagree with me in matters like this – it’s necessary in order to move forward. But I don’t have to work with people who insult me who are ignorant of the work I do. And … in the end the book is never closed … people can change, and I’m always open to that. In the meantime I wish Paul and his band a great gig.

Paul McCartney press clipping
Press clip Metro?


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