Isn’t Nature wonderful ?!!


Isn’t Nature wonderful ?!!

Please tell me the name of the creator of this masterpiece !

Planets and Flat Earth
Credit possibly Ratko Mavar?

Thanks for this lovely visual. Hanna —- I’m stargazing tonight.

Bri by moonlight

Brian May: Stargazing tonight, Gold Coast 28 Feb 2020

A beautiful evening on the Gold Coast. Queensland, Australia. No filter ! A thin moon, close to the planet Venus just after sunset. Then a perfect view of the Southern Cross. I’ve annotated it in the last photo – the two stars in the constellation of Centaurus known as the Pointers direct the eyes to the strangely imperfect but iconic constellation of CRUX – the Southern Cross. Beauty !

Thin Moon and Venus

Thin Moon

Night sky

Night Sky

Southern Cross - annotated

I’m wondering if I will be lucky enough to make music under these stars again some day. Tomorrow’s show has been sold out for months and the Heavens are promising to be clear. It should be a cracker !!! A fitting climax to this incredible tour.