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It takes either courage or stupidity, I guess, to test if the iPhone which holds ALL my current essential info really DOES perform safely under water. I did back it up … but then I looked at the charging socket and thought … “Watertight ? Really ?!” Well, you can see what happened. And my phone – thank Heavens – is still alive to tell the tale. But if it’s as easy as this, how come we haven’t seen hundreds of IG posts of people’s kiddies swimming under water on their hols ?! Or selfies in their baths for that matter ? Hmmmm … maybe I just missed that ! Well – wanna try ? Wanna risk it ? The Underwater Selfie ? You can’t really look less glamorous than I do ! Ha ha ! Go on – I dare you !!! 

Brian May: Underwater Selfie 04/02/2020

WELLINGTON !!! Well, no – you’re right – this is not exactly Wellington. But it was ON THE WAY to Wellington today ! Well, who says I have to stick to the rules ! Seeing as we’re playing OUTDOORS tomorrow and right now there’s 70 #mph gusts of wind and horizontal driving rain … I figured Wellington was not ready to show me its true beauty today ! But TOMORROW …. We shall rock !! OK ?! Our first time EVER performing in the Windy City of Wellington !!! Funny … nobody told us about the ‘windy’ part til today !!!

By the way this beauty spot is the ‘Hole in the Rock’ way up in the Bay of Islands where I just spent an idyllic couple of days relaxing and recharging in the sun. Thanks New Zealand !! You’re beautiful !!!


Hole In the Rock, New Zealand - Mono


Hole in the Rock, New Zealand - parallel

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