Back in the saddle – Arrival Wellington gig – Fire Fight Australia shirt


Back in the saddle ! A good half an hour hard ride ! Doesn’t feel so easy today ! Ouch ! But it’s the best way to start a school day (sorry – our whimsical term for a show day) Yeeeay !!! Wellington West Pac Stadium here we come ! And the SUN IS SHINING !!! A miracle ! Thank you God !!! After last night’s deluge I never would have believed it.

Brian May: Back in the saddle, Wellington 5 Feb 2020
Arrival at gig. With some inspiring sounds on the radio. Gotta love George Harrison forever. With his pal Mr Clapton here … aaaah (sigh)

Hello Wellington ! Clear skies !!! Ready to Rock !!! First outdoor gig on this tour ! And we are blessed !!!

Brian May: Hello Wellington, first outdoor gig 5 Feb 2020

Please buy this shirt ! See details. All proceeds go to the relief work of Fire Fight Australia. Getting ready to join the battle.

Bri shows Fire Fight Australia shirt

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