In my living room


In my living room at home – where else ?! I seem to have most all my usual channels to entertain you … so maybe here is the place to perform micro concerts across the ether. Is that a good plan ? This is my contribution to the Common Good tonight. A raw cheer-up outburst. Living Room Rock ! Is this the future ? To all you folks out there feeling as disorientated as I do – let’s isolate together !!! And keep rockin’ together !! OK ? With love. Yours truly – your friendly neighbourhood chap who clearly imagines he’s in Hawaii !!! Apologies for the annoying opening ‘So’ – yes, I know. But my this was a big ‘SO !’ – so maybe I can be forgiven. It will be the last one – I promise.

Thanks to LYNN from Hawaii for the colourful attire.


Brian May: In my living room