Precautions, not panic – Exercise biking


A great piece of insight from my friend Brian Malow, the Science Comedian. @sciencecomedian NB : This is not funny – but it may save your life.



Hey ! Your friendly neighbourhood rock star here – having moments of wondering whether he will ever do that thing on stage again. Those incredible scenes at our concerts in South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Australia just a month ago now seem like an impossibly distant dream. But we were so lucky to be able to complete that tour, running just ahead of the wave that was about to break on us all. I’m sure you’re all having similar moments of disbelief and bewilderment out there.

One of the hardest things about all this is adjusting mentally to a new world order – and a new personal framework in which none of the old rules work. So my plan as a world citizen is to put out as much positive stuff as I can.

Yes, I’ve had my moments of anger and blame – but really now we are all gonna act according to what we believe. I’m self-isolating with my missus as best we can. And I have to believe that SOME good things will come out of all this. OK ! Back on the bike !!

Brian May: Exercise biking 17 March 2029

And don’t worry – it might look like I’m bashing my brains out on the bike screen, but I’m not ! Feel free to laugh ! I do a mixture of upper body exercises while pedalling, including those press-ups. It’s non-impact !!! Time lapse video inspired by my amazing pal Kerry Ellis. whose exercise regime is a model to us all.