MicroConcerto therapy – Talia Dean


MicroConcerto Therapy. Opus 2. Just for fun, folks.

This is a nice Fender Stratocaster, by the way – equipped with a sustainer – which I’m using here at about half power. The amp is a tiny Vox Mini5 Rhythm. It has lots of nice effects on it – like the delays I’m using here. And you can turn the master volume down far enough to avoid annoying the neighbours. Or up, if you want to avoid that avoidance ! 

So IF I MAKE A HABIT OF DOING THIS while the CoronaVirus is confining us to our homes … any requests

Brian May MicroConcerto Therapy Opus 2

Dear Folks, 

Now all limiting your social interactions to the absolute minimum possible, I present my dear friend Talia Dean – an English rose and formidable singer/songwriter. She’s the lead singer, Talia Dean, of a new girl ensemble called KINGS DAUGHTERS, who are about to release their first single – a masterpiece of content in these troubled times – a piece of ebullient musical therapy so powerful and Jolly, it’s certain to become the go-to remedy for the raising of spirits from glumness everywhere. It’s called GET UP ! And I guarantee you will !!!

But first meet Talia, caught in a characteristic rant in Old London English. If anyone needs a translation, I will help you through … This girl hails from Feltham Middlesex – yes, the uber-glamorous home town of both myself and Freddie when we was boys. You can tell !!! Here’s some sage advice for those who care to hear it. Gotta love it !!!

Introducing Talia Dean


“Hello everyone .

I am in day six of self-isolation but couples listen up married couples if you live with your partner we are about to go into a complete lockdown now. You know what that means – yeah – Hell on earth being stuck with your partner 24/7. Believe me, I know that’s why I’m single, but I do have some advice for ya fellas, gt your ass down being key now. Get that paint. Get them door hinges. Get all them tools that you need to do them jobs that you’ve been putting off for six months, yeah – sure love you for it. And ladies, now is the time to throw them bloody clothes away that you ain’t worn since the nineties. Time to go through your wardrobe. Start moving – your throwing it away. Put it in the bin it’s the only way you’re going to get through the next six monhs I’m telling ya. Listen, I wish you good luck The only alternative is you split up. Now get them out now – run now.”


Beat The Bastard

Yes ! I’m attempting to put tonight’s MicroConcerto up on my Stories … but this is not my strong suit ! I will try not to screw it up !


Bri attempting tonight’s MicroConcerto – 20 March 2020


This spontaneously turned into a ‘Star Licks’ type tutorial … as an experiment, really. I don’t think I’ll Ever try to do it this way again, though – because it was ridiculously time-consuming trying to put it all up on IG ‘Stories’. Here’s a very rough potted version for posterity. Tell me how useful (or not!) it was. OK ?


Brian May: MicroConcerto Bohemian Rhapsody – 21 March 2020 bg2

Cheers all

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