MicroCosmic outbursts No 4


Bri’s MicroCosmic outbursts Number 4

Well, have to admit I wasn’t in the mood for analysis tonight. Just wanted to connect. And I have to acknowledge I was helped in this broadcast by a couple of Grey Goose and Tonics – courtesy of my lady wife. Of course I did get lucky in securing the services of the Best Barmaid In the World !! Maybe I will persuade her to photo-bomb me in a future MicroConcierto ! Happy Saturday folks … IS it Saturday ?!! Who knows ? All the days are starting to feel the same now. It’s a bit like being ON TOUR !!!

Take care out there. And I MEAN TAKE CARE. Remember the statistics – every physical interaction you DON’T have improves your chances of survival to see us play some day !!! Oops – did I say that ?!!


Make it hard for the bastard coronavirus to find you !!! And even harder for it to get to your family.

Bri’s MicroCosmic outbursts Number 4 – 21 March 2020


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