Art di vino – Special offer – Arielle !!!


Art Di Vino !!!

;Take exactly 2 minutes to watch this adventure in spilt red wine to its conclusion, and I guarantee you’ll gasp ! Beautiful work from Rossella Bisazza – how great to discover a great new talent – well, new to me – I shall be following !! THANK YOU Rosella – what a wonderful compliment.

I don’t know which concert this improvised solo piece of mine comes from, but it makes a perfect soundtrack to this visual magic. Great job !!! Finally thanks to my dear friend RAFFA for communicating this to me. Thanks for asking how I’ve been. I’ve been facing some … challenges … which I’ll tell you about in due course, which have made my MicroConcert activity impossible – but it’s nice for me to be able to use this as a moment to highlight the talents of other artists. Take care out there folks.

Ah ! Thanks Sarah Rugg – apparently this is Wembley ‘86 – second night. I wonder if such nights will ever happen again

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Ouch !! I basically want to share everything this lady ever does !! So I had to repost this – irresistible ! She’s taken this solo (that I seem to know well!), thrown away the music sheets, and interpreted it in totally her own style – at the same time building on the original spirit of the piece. Her tone is incredibly beautiful – very unusual in its sweetness, and at the same time a tough voice. Her expression and phrasing ? Gotta say – unique. Visit @officialarielle any time for treats. And SOON we will have the long-awaited BM/Arielle guitar on sale at BrianMayGuitars.