Thank you !!!


I’m so touched by every one of these visualisations. Each one restores a piece of me tonight as I wrestle with the physical pain which has settled on me the last few days – so strong and so persistent that I hardly feel alive. I will take these lovely visions with me as I search for healing sleep tonight. THANK YOU !!!

Thank you Sarah Rugg for the first one – beautifully subtly alive and almost breathing – and for collecting the others in this post. Thanks Yuki [sugarxsnow3] – exquisite ! I want it on my wall ! Thanks Annie [nymph_in_yellow] – thanks Elisa Kent [elisa.kent_draws] – thanks Rema [] – thanks Aeryn Christie [chaoskirin] – thanks Drama Queen [] – thanks Marilyn Chaparro [mc_artistyk]. All of these are so inspiring, offering me a mirror image for my soul which no ordinary looking-glass can supply.

Sarah Rugg

With much love and thanks