My first walk in the park


Posted 02:59

My first walk in the park [22 May]  since this all began. My … the air feels good ! Sky is blue – sun is clear and bright and warm and the breeze is cool. White fluffy cloud scud over my head. But I’m dependent on these ‘crutch’ devices to get around. There’s always ONE snag !!

Well, not for long, hopefully. I’ve been through these scrapes plenty of times before. They make you stronger, right ?! If they don’t kill ya !! Well, I’m not planning to check out just yet !!!

Rock on out there !! Isolate !!! Photo by Phil Webb, who bought me an ice cream – Thanks Phil – lovely day !!!

Bri enjoys sunshine on park bench, Wimbledon Common 22 May
Enjoying the sunshine, Wimbledon Common 22 May 2020 – by Phil Webb